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2017 ByLaws

Board of Christian Education -
They operate the nursery and Sunday School during Sunday worship services.

Board of Deacons -
They organize the worship, greet worshipers, interview new members, and visit persons as needed or requested.

Board of Outreach -
They reach outside the church to the wider community and decide which outside organizations need our financial help and support.

Board of Trustees -
They maintain the Church building and Parsonage as well as the associated property.

Music Committee -
They recommend to Council persons to serve as Organist and Choir Director, oversee the musical instruments of the Church, and consult with the Minister and music personnel regarding music and musical ensembles within the life of the congregation.

Finance Committee
They oversee the financial health and investments of the Church.

Nominating Committee -
They choose from among members and friends of the Church to fill vacancies among Officers, Council, Board & Committees, and place them in nomination for election by the Church at its Annual Meeting.

Pastoral Relations Committee -
They assist the pastor fulfill his duties to the Church.

Pilgrim Guild -
They provide any assistance needed with receptions for weddings or funerals, hold the annual rummage sale, and assist with the annual fair.

Church Council
This is the operating board of the Church. At-large member are elected at the Annual Meeting; the Boards elect their representative. Its powers are set by the Church By-Laws and certain actions require approval of the Church Members at the Annual Meeting or at a special meeting.

Board and Committee Members

Members-At-Large of Council
: Fran Trefts 207-422-2259 frub2@myfairpoint.net
Barbara Reeve 207-667-3997 barbarareeve@roadrunner.com
Vicky Espling 207-422-6442 vjespli@myfairpoint.net

Tamara Crowley 207-667-8072 crowley_tamara@yahoo.com
Ruth Dietze 207-422-3806 rdietze@myfairpoint.net
Sally Knapp 207-422-3568 ehk1@psu.edu (PA #) 814-237-4804
Peggy Emigh 207-422-9006 mh.emigh@gmail.com
Renata Moise 207-422-6854 wildlandspainter@gmail.com
Bill Reeve 207-667-3997 appletreebooks@roadrunner.com
Edie Lounder 207-422-6864
Barbara Reeve 207-667-3997 barbarareeve@roadrunner.com
David Wildes 207-422-3739 dwildes001@roadrunner.com


Peggy Karns 207-422-3549 mkarns1@udayton.edu (cell) 978-681-0765
Orton Preble 207-422-6205
Clayton Nowell 207-422-3107 mcnowell@roadrunner.com
Everett Espling 207-422-6442 eespling@hotmail.com
Renata Moise 207-422-6854 wildlandspainter@gmail.com

Christian Education:
Sheila O’Neill 207-667-3722 monkeyseeshane@aol.com
Fran Trefts 207-422-2259 frub2@myfairpoint.net
Nancy Cooledge 207-422-3651 nancycooledge@yahoo.com
Bill Reeve 207-667-3997 appletreebooks@roadrunner.com
Dianne Eckhardt 207-422-3601
Susan Dickson-Smith 207-963-2040 properclay@gmail.com


Betty Johnston 207-422-6728 emjemj@roadrunner.com
Bill Reeve 207-667-3997 appletreebooks@roadrunner.com
Jeanne Edwards 207-422-0995 gandjedwards@gwi.net
Cynthia Wood 207-422-3739 cwood001@roadrunner.com